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Hunan Food

What is Hunan Food exactly?

Hunan cuisine is infamous for its use of the chili pepper. They are also known for using smoking techniques in their cooking as well as mixing in lots of shallots and garlic.

Brandy Ho’s highlights Hunan cuisines smoking techniques with their array of smoked products. If you love that strong smoky flavor, Brandy Ho’s Smoked Ham with Cloves of Garlic is a “must try”!


Brandy Ho’s is located in San Francisco’s old red-light district, the Barbary Coast. In the early 20th century, this area was filled with jazz clubs, concert saloons and even brothels. Down the block from City Lights bookstore and around the corner from Mr. Bing’s, Brandy Ho’s has become part of the neighborhood staples.

History of the Restaurant

On October 18, 1980, brothers, Brandy, Jack and Sedgewick, realized their lifelong dream of starting their own family restaurant and opened their doors to the public. Being the eldest, Brandy took the leadership role and managed the business. From the open kitchen, Sedgewick’s culinary skills became the main attraction. Jack, the youngest, started as a server, but now can be found running the show.