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Our History
It's a Family Affair
The Ho Brothers were born in Hong Kong and came to San Francisco in 1970. Ten years later, after training with several Hunan Chefs, Brandy decided to open his own restaurant, partnering with his brothers Jack and Sedgwick.

When Brandy Ho's opened, over 26 years ago, it was one of the first restaurants to introduce authentic Hunan cooking to San Francisco.

Together, the Ho Brothers have created an award-winning and internationally acclaimed restaurant, known for its authentic hot and spicy cuisine, and its comfortable, down-to-earth setting.

Great tasting food cooked in authentic Hunan style, generous portions, a comfortable atmosphere, and the attentive staff are some of the many reasons why both locals and visitors from around the world return to Brandy Ho's again and again.

According to Jack Ho, Brandy's brother and manager of Brandy Ho's, "our main goal is to be the best that we can be. When people eat at our restaurants, we want them to say we are the best Hunan restaurant in the city. Hunan is simple, spicy, down-home cuisine that uses the most natural flavors and hottest spices in all of Chinese cooking. We chose Hunan because we love it - and people do best the things they love best."